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Hormones Out of Balance

Do you suffer from weight gain, hair loss, sexual dysfunction? Are you feeling menopausal? If so, we at Nu You Medical Spa are available to offer you a consultation with our experienced medical staff. Our team is knowledgeable and understanding of your concerns and will help you by creating an individualized plan based on your specific needs. A consultation can be scheduled by phone or by booking online.  

What is hormone replacement therapy?

As part of the natural aging process, both men and women often experience negative side effects from a decrease in hormone production. As you age, your body produces less of the natural hormones you needed when you were younger. Women often experience the effects of less estrogen and progesterone production, while men feel the side effects of lower testosterone levels.
Hormone replacement therapies help relieve symptoms that many women feel during menopause and that men experience as they get older — the time in a man’s life sometimes referred to as andropause. Hormone replacement therapies are available in several forms, including:
• Subcutaneous pellets (implanted under your skin) 
• Injections 
• Oral medications
• Patches
• Supplements
• Topical creams and gels

The team at Nu You Wellness will create a treatment plan based on your specific symptoms and needs, so you can get relief and feel better physically and emotionally.

What are the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance?

Symptoms of hormonal imbalances are different for everyone, but common symptoms for women include:
• Hot flashes or night sweats
• Vaginal dryness
• Weight gain
• Anxiety and mood swings
• Depression
• Fatigue 
• Dry skin
• Thinning hair
• Low sex drive
• Disruptive sleep patterns

Men also experience typical symptoms of hormonal changes, such as:
• Weight gain
• Dry skin
• Fatigue
• Constipation
• Muscle weakness and loss of muscle tone
• Thinning hair
• Depression and anxiety
• Low sex drive
• Sweating 
• Erectile dysfunction (ED)

At Nu You Wellness, the team offers a variety of hormone therapies to address your specific issues, including relief from symptoms that affect the quality of your life and personal relationships.

What hormone therapies are available?

To help you get back in balance, increase your energy, or assist with weight gain as a result of hormone imbalances, Nu You Wellness offers the following hormone therapies, customized to your individual needs.
• Menopause management
• Andropause management
• ED relief
• Metabolic syndrome
• Comprehensive anti-aging
• Diabetes management
• Weight gain or weight loss
• Hair restoration
• Orthomolecular treatment
Over time, hormone therapies work to restore your body’s natural balance, so you get relief from symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy can make a dramatic difference in your life as you get older.
For a complete list of available hormone replacement therapies, call the friendly team at Nu You Wellness or request an appointment online.

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