NU Beauty Age-defying Ingredients to detoxify against free radicals allowing your body to renew from the inside out.
NU Tranquility This IV Infusion delivers everything your body needs to relax so you can get back to your daily activities without feeling overwhelmed. Don’t let material fatigue and stress get the best of you.
NU YOU Healthy Weight Stimulate weightless and boost your metabolism with specialized treatment that helps you shed pounds by helping you burn fat and flush out toxins.
NU Comfort You don’t have to suffer anymore with unnecessary pain. Ease the pain with an IV formula designed to ease various chronic pain conditions and improve your quality of life.
NU Immunity Immunity Booster that stops a cold in its tracks by boosting your immune system and giving your body what it needs to replenish and heal itself.
NU Intimate Sexual support to improve general wellness, increase libido, energy, and reignite your love life.
NU Day The ultimate in hangover helper! Long night out with your friends and now you have a hangover? Don’t suffer one minute longer, our IV infusion relieves pounding headaches, shaking, dizziness and upset stomach.
NU Gains The Athletic cocktail, rehydrate, rebuild, and recoup energy quickly extinguish soreness and fatigue from intense athletic events of any kind.

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